Published June 17, 2016

Letters From Prison (Part 5 of 6)

GLS Group2The first Summit at Southeast Correctional Center in Missouri was held last August with the sponsorship and the support of the team at La Croix Church. They caught a vision to serve prisoners, unleash potential and change the culture of the prison from inside out, using the tools offered by the Global Leadership Summit (read more about the event here).

We received letters from several of the prisoners who were able to attend, and we are blown away by the powerful impact the Summit has had on these men.

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been posting a series on our blog called “Letters From Prison,” highlighting the impact that the Summit has had on these prisoners’ lives. We hope you’re as encouraged, challenged and inspired by their words as we were when we received them.


A letter from Steve, GLS attendee, Southeast Correctional

Dear Willow, Thank you so much for helping this leadership Summit grow into what it has become today. All I can say is, Wow! Being a part of this year’s Summit was truly a blessing, and I want to thank you for bringing it to this institution so that I, as well as others, could pick up the necessary tools to help me be the person God created me to be. I need to have the “grit” to reach the goals I’m striving for. When others see that drive and determination, they will push themselves harder, too.

Bill, I’m glad you mentioned blind spots and broke it down for us. I always noticed something was wrong with the way I present my information and lead others, but never knew what it was or how to get others to tell me. Now others are more open and willing to help me see what areas I need to work on. For example, the way I position my hands behind me; my energy level (fear), moving to the next person too fast, and not digging deeper into what they have to say (not listening fully)….

This Summit was truly amazing and I believe everyone in the world should participate. It will build their confidence, energize them, enlighten them and hopefully, by listening to these speakers, a seed will be planted and others will come to know Christ and accept Him into their lives.

Just as Burl Cain had a “dumb idea” (that became a great idea), it totally changed Angola Prison into a God-fearing prison. That can happen in all these prisons! In fact, I think it’s already happening in this prison! We have a great warden here who is strong on programs and rehabilitation.

I look forward to using these tools to help me minister to others as well as get the best out of them at work or in class. My goals are to witness to all the new guys who come into this institution, tell them about the different programs that are offered, and to continue keeping tabs on them to see that they are still following the right path, just as Paul did when he led others to Christ. Paul knew how important it was to continue to mature new believers in the faith, and not give up on them. Forgetting about others isn’t loving your neighbor.

Again, thank you for this year’s Summit and the guidance and motivation it’s given me. Everyone who gave their time to make this happen, thank you! I hope to see you again next year! May the love of Christ continue to dwell in you richly.

Steve, GLS attendee, Southeast Correctional


Please pray for our prison sites in 2016. This year there will be 25 prisons experiencing the GLS teaching. Imagine what God might do?

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